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This knowledge platform wishes to encourage everyone to make use of their mind and not to be fooled by religious, political and social simple-mindedness.

Because at the current state of knowledge the smug concept of humanity as it is conceived by the church, the state and society can no longer be maintained. Even with very little understanding is clear to   everyone that there is neither an almighty nor an afterlife and that humanity has at no time been the centre of the universe.
With a little more courage to reason we must admit that we are gathering our prosperity and abundance in an unscrupulous manner at the expense of the environment and the poorest. With a lot of courage to reason each of us can feel the evolutionary code of conscience in the forebrain and utilize their random life for the good of creation and its creatures.

SEMI 1. Religions are shallow-brained God delusions and afterworld humbug

To Jesus Christ, God's alleged son, the earth was flat, the world had been created in seven days and man made from dust. Since his heavenly father did not enlighten him on the Big Bang, atoms, galaxies, nor on evolution, genes and neurons, God himself apparently did not know anything much either. Yet to this very day, these bigoted Bible tricks have forced religions to hide their fictitious God characters in the afterworld.



There is definitely no almighty God, that's as certain as the earth is a ball

World events are very obviously determined by injustice, imperfection, and pure accident and on no account by any extraterrestrial god. The only thing that matters to us as human beings is the tangible creation mandate engraved by evolution into our frontal cerebral lobes. And in this neural code of conscience are based our ethical and moral value as well as the basic laws and human rights.

SEMI 2. Every person, whether religious or irreligious, is only as good as their ecological footprint.

With an ecological footprint of 5 earths U.S. citizens consume 4/5 more raw materials and energy than they are allowed by nature. And this explains why the greatest parts of our forests and seas are polluted.

But even more fatal than this brutal destruction of the environment is the capitalist wealth creation by means of a ruthless exploitation of the poor countries supplying our natural resources. Because this results in the fact that billions of people must live in misery and that every 3 seconds an innocent child will miserably starve to death for our greed.

And although a life in abundance is highly unjust and immoral, atheists, humanists, contrarians and freethinkers are just as involved in these brutal atrocities as environmental activists, reformers, believers and faithful servants of God.

SEMI 3. Wealth and luxury are a disgrace to everybody with brains

For one can only accumulate prosperity and abundance by cheating the poorest of the poor out of their lives or allowing them to be cheated. Just as you can only eat meat by killing animals or having them killed. But nature has not allowed anyone in the world more than food to eat, a roof over their heads and a meaningful occupation.

And if it necessarily has to be something more, then on no account for the snobbish jetset celebrities, the insatiable profiteers in the global economic jungle, the power-crazed lickspittles on the political stage, the global dictatorial family clans, the simple-minded nobility and the church dignitaries in their fantastic costumes, neither for us, the capitalist opportunists of the stolen wealth pie, but exclusively for the exploited child slaves and neglected street children, as well as the tens of millions of innocent dead children every year, who day in and out, miserably suffer and die at the famine cross.

SEMI4. As long as we allow children to starve to death, we are not worth our lives.

Everyone has the same right to lead their lives to the full, just as we do.

This is an elementary right which we deny more than 2/3 of mankind by using some brainless religious jabberwocky: “Why should we louse up our few years of lifetime for the misery of others if even the one above (god) denies any devine help to starving and dying children?” And why should we not be allowed to hide behind capitalist hypocrisy: “We want to halve hunger in the next fifteen years (UN)?”

The stashed away private and church properties, the renouncement of all things superfluous and of astronomically high armament costs would be enough to put an end to the cruel misery in the world now and forever. However, instead of meeting our responsibility towards creation and its creatures, we prefer to abundantly indulge in our lives.

For our conscience truth is the only thing that counts.

And truth is mortifying for most of us. Because clergymen are dishonest crooks and parasites. Motorists are brutal criminals in their attitude towards nature. Millionaires are oppressors of humanity and the environment. Popes and Church officials are all of these things put together.

SEMI 5.  Praying for others is hypocritical, false and absolutely pointless.

Even the Christian custom of transferring problems to an instance above is pathetic and cowardly at the same time. Praying or meditating make sense only if there is self-reflection and consolidation of one’s inner abilities plus a more pronounced awareness of one’s personal responsibility towards creation.

Living in poverty is just as random and unfair as our existence in abundance.

For no one in this world has the least influence on when and where they are born. Chance and injustice determine the course of everyone's life right from the beginning. Even at conception one receives genetic properties for one’s future life, ranging from smart, pretty, and healthy to stupid, ugly and sick. And after birth one must live, without one’s own doing, either in luxury or in destitute conditions.

There are people who own billions and there are billions owning nothing.

This cannot be justified without scruples in simple terms of “good or bad luck".

SEMI 6. Life needs a body, in death the brain is enough.

The ability of the mind to recognize truth elevates it to our sole moral authority. All that matters for our life and death has been engraved by evolution as a sensible moral code into our frontal cerebral lobes. Instead of living by this neural conscience, we cheat the poor out of their lives by our greed for affluence and we destroy our environment on a massive scale. But during the dying process at the latest, every single person must confront the evolutionary mandate in their forebrain.

Death is a sensitive animation of the human brain enforcing repentance.

During the dying process our lives, as memorized in the cerebrum, are involuntarily scanned for the specifications of evolution. This review will automatically be activated upon the occurrence of clinical death and take a four-minute eternity. The necrosis of brain cells dissolves the personality code of the dying person into nothingness, much like a beautiful melody on a broken storage medium. What remains of us are memories, and organic waste.

SEMI 7. In the time line of evolution, human beings play virtually no role

Creation is a giant interweaving of smallest energy, mass and information quanta (strings) into atoms, matter, planets, cells and organisms. During each Big Bang event creation is partially compressed into one tiny point from which a new universe will emanate. This new universe then forms its own self-contained entity of creation moving through time and space in a self-organized way.

Our earth is like a tiny drop in the vastness of the oceans.

The evolutionary power is based on these eager-to-bond strings as bits and bytes of creation– with each single product of creation varying enormously in both coding level as well as dimension. Thus the earth is not only our habitat, but being one of billions upon billions of stars and planets in the universe at the same time a tiny component of galactic beings. Even within atoms life is possible.

Life is highly encoded matter and thus normality in the universe.

(Translated by Cornelia Streibel, Bielefeld)


                THE ELEVENTH DIMENSION (SEMI- Theory)

Abstract: Fundamental knowledge is usually very rational and uncomfortable, because under closer inspection Nature and Creation reveal themselves to be completely different from the way human beings generally expect or want them to be. Over centuries, we have become painfully aware that the earth is not flat, but round, that human beings are not at the centre of the Universe, that the genetic difference between humans and animals is only one percent, that brains function like biological computers, that even atomic nuclei can be split and that what happens in the world is determined by chaos and not by a biblian creator. The most recent and most stupendous milestone for human cognitive powers over the last twenty years or so has been the physical description of the Universe as a gigantic network of dancing strings and loops, the so called superstring theory of modern physics.
This complex theory is often referred to as a world formula, as it is the only one that can encompass a description of both the microworld of atoms and the macroworld of the planets. And as, according to this theory, our Universe was compressed down to a tiny dot of energy before the Big Bang, the secret of evolution and life must inevitably lie in this world of strings. This article is intended to show that there is a fluid transition between energy, matter and life in every corner of the cosmos and that the whole diversity of creation comes from the force and information in these resonating, vibrating strings. The nature and creation use this dancing bits and bytes for creating lively matter because Strings are consisting of Energy, Mass and Information(SEMI).

In the Beginning There Was Nothing 

This statement from the Bible is both right and wrong. Related to our Universe, it is appropriate because before the planets and stars were created, all the matter they contained was compressed to a tiny dot of energy in the centre of a black hole. In simple terms, this can be referred to as nothing. Related to another universe ( a parallel universe), however, this statement is completely untrue because each multiple universe at the time of the so-called Big Bang was at a quite different stage of development. The Big Bang, which has been postulated scientifically, marks the creation of our Universe only and this took place approximately fifteen billion years ago.

In the explosion-like eruption of a black hole, huge waves of energy were released suddenly which changed within a few seconds and minutes into huge gas clouds and, over billions of years, into the constellations of matter that form the planets. The force and intelligence of creation then needed unimaginably long periods of time to bring forth in the course of evolution the first plants and animals, after some ten billion years, and then, just fifteen thousand years ago, the human beings we see today. The enormous variation in these periods show very clearly that the nature had to manage without us, homo sapiens, for 99,9999% of the Earth time. There must therefore have been similar evolutionary time constants in other solar systems or universes for the organisation of intelligent collections of matter, which is why it is highly unlikely that there was any simultaneity of events.

The Big Bang, which lead to the creation of our habitat is, however, not an isolated occurrence in the infinite expanses of our Universe. Such huge energy soups are always being ejected from black holes somewhere, which previously had compressed the matter from several galaxies into dot-like bundles of energy. One can thus refer to this as a constant reset or restart of the matter in the countless Black Holes in the immense cosmos. When matter reverts to energy in such a drastic way, then any hard-won progress in evolution is wiped out - like an elaborate ice sculpture that dissolves into single molecules of water before a new figure is eventually created from it.

Given this temporal infinity of the universes, it follows that the evolutionary conditions and processes a long time after a Big Bang are the same as a long time before a Big Bang. The disappearance of matter into black holes and its rebirth as the result of a Big Bang is an essential characteristic of creation and is similar to the life cycle we are familiar with; it just takes place in different dimensions of time and force. The interesting thing about these lifecycles of the universes is that when the matter is compressed, creation is concentrated partially on a single point. From such an elementary point of creation, our world has been driven from inside to develop with all its diversity. It is difficult to accept this rational insight, as it leaves no room for the mystical or the enigmatic. Nevertheless, this point of view is equally as real as the fact that the earth is not flat.

The logical conclusion is therefore that the superstrings of nature not only serve as strings of energy to construct and hold together particles of matter, but also as information quanta for evolution. Broadening the resonating strings to evolutionary bits lends the evolutionary processes in an emerging or a dying universe considerably more transparency. 

Strings are the key to the creation and life

String theory has been continually developed since the 1980s. It is based on resonating strings or loops and is often referred to as a world formula, as it consistently brings together all the particles of matter and all four bond forces that have been described in physics. Although the superstring theory is still at the beginning of its development and is only partly understood by leading physicists throughout the world, it has already revealed astonishing discoveries and progress; for example, a cohesive description encompassing the theories of quantum mechanics and gravitation which were previously irreconcilable. Furthermore, it can be used to derive the number and properties of the various atoms and shed light on the mysteries of black holes.

Moving from the macroscopic world of the planets and dot-like masses to the ultramicroscopic world of atoms and quarks, the quiet coexistence of matter is displaced by the extremely hectic and blurry activity of particles. It is not possible to reconcile the descriptions of the general theory of relativity and quantum theory as matters stand. String theory eliminates the dilemma posed by different frames of reference in that all the assumptions are based on resonating strings and loops which can move in ten space-time dimensions. This complexity is compounded by the unimaginably short length of the strings - approximately 10-35 meters, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible to prove their existence in practical terms. This makes superstrings just one of the many theoretical models in physics, but it is the one that up to now has described reality most comprehensively.

The flowing transition of energy and matter in black holes particularly supports the existence of strings as the original energy-laden building blocks of the universe. One can imagine in simplified terms that the enormous waves of energy which are ejected from the black holes in the cosmos with every Big Bang are ripped into microfine threads of energy - strings - which first spread out as a huge energy soup, cool down and then over billions of years join together to form different particles of matter. In the reverse situation with mass and energy, the black holes suck the matter from the adjacent galaxies and compact it to a tiny dot of energy.

The physical approach of the dancing strings can explain and solve the puzzles not only of atoms, matter and the universe, but also of the emergence of biological cells in plants and living beings. This is absolutely compelling if one looks more closely at the process of evolution. After every Big Bang, first atoms, then matter form from the energy waves over billions of years, from which life emerges in the course of further billions of years. As the evolutionary process takes place in a closed system, i.e. there are no influences from outside of the Universe, its developmental stages from the Big Bang to the collapse can only be explained by an increase of intelligence via the matter. This means that matter has emerged from the energy and life has emerged from the matter and that therefore the evolutionary preliminary stage of life is contained in the highly organized string networks of the matter. 

Living beings are highly organized matter

To allow atoms, molecules, and cells to be networked together and organised, individual strings hold various pieces of information in their rhythmic vibrations and function as creation or evolutionary bits for a larger whole. The elementary information content of individual strings is a part of the plan of creation, similar to the way in which an individual bit in a computer storage cell is a tiny part of the whole program. This elementary programming by organised networks of strings contains the diversity of chemical elements and also the way they influence the coding of cells in plants and the brains of living beings. This confirms and explains why creation only happens through evolution moving from the inside (strings, atoms, molecules) to the outside (cells, organs, bodies). This recognizable ordering force decreases with the growing distance from the string network in the atomic nuclei. That is, while the periodical system applies to atoms and strict bonding rules apply to molecules and cells, these are replaced more and more by an ordered chaos that is subject mainly to chance in more complex systems and habitats.

This finding is rational and indeed sobering, but it coincides consistently with our daily experience, where there is not, nor ever has been any higher power or instance which influences our personal fate or even world events. Quite on the contrary, the many creationary faults in the reproduction of living beings, the tinyness, the randomness and the unimportance of the individual creature, the brutal struggle to survive and destructive natural catastrophes, force one to the bitter realization that creation is not perfect, nor can there be an all-powerful creator at work. The ordering and controlling power over our environmental conditions comes from within and becomes increasingly weaker the further out it extends. This means that the plan and the power of creation are held exclusively in the programmed diversity of the strings.

Strings thereby become a graphic code for the uniform and comprehensive explanation of material and spiritual phenomena in our world. These unleashed energy vibrations form both the original force that holds matter together and the creationary bits for the organization of simple and higher intelligence. They penetrate every multiuniverse, and with the right constellation make it possible for life to emerge or the requisite framework conditions to exist, at any time and anywhere. This forces us to the assumption that still today continually new, very simple plant cells or microorganisms are emerging from rotting matter in the very depths of nature on our Earth. 

Regarding the strings as energy and information quanta removes the division between dead matter in physics and living cell matter in biology and allows creation to be viewed as a whole from the most recent Big Bang through evolution until the next collapse.

Adding an information dimension to the ten space-time dimensions of a string allows every visible thing between heaven and earth to be explained plausibly and consistently and nevertheless respects the deeper and inscrutable meaning behind the road map of creation. Renouncing the mystical does not mean that the world of discovery and knowledge is in any way limited, as the naive beliefs and emotional wishes of human beings have never even been remotely confirmed by the reality of life. On the contrary, simple-minded and stubborn points of view and naive religious fantasies have severely obstructed the development of humans’ cognitive powers over the centuries.

However, there seems to be a gradual end to this at least in the receptive and democratic parts of the world, because the idea that “one can believe everything; truth is only found through understanding” prevails more and more.

Creation is the sum of all universes and strings

The powerfulness and opportunities of the ordering primeval forces in the strings become particularly clear when one considers the creation of plants, animals and humans. In the case of living beings, all the DNA, the whole genetic makeup, comprising over five billion pieces of information is passed on when a single egg merges with a single sperm. The string networks in human cells are the largest currently cognizable collection of evolutionary intelligence on our planet. They are the creative result of evolution during the last five billion years, as they are capable of creating the human body as well as the cognitive programming of the brain. In order to maintain this laboriously created, evolutionary progress permanently, living beings have to function like biological data media and constantly pass their records on through reproduction (data backup).

This is interesting because highly intelligent networks of strings format the DNA codes in the cells and thus play a very large part in determining the appearance, the nature and the intellect of the descendent.  It is particularly noticeable in humans that, as well as physical similarity to the parents, there is also a spiritual, or mental and intellectual similarity in personality characteristics and ability via the brain. This inherited part of personal features in the brain is independent of upbringing and can only have been passed on via the inheritance code in the cell nuclei. This means that stored in the billion DNA codes of the chromosomes of each cell are not only its purpose and place of action in the construction of a body, but also the skills and information to program complex collections of brain cells as small program cells partially with inherited information. How else should the essential properties of a human be passed on, other than via the fertilized egg cell? The process of reproduction and the development of the embryo form in principle an equally closed system like the compaction and birth of a universe.
Since there has been no addition of intelligence from outside since our Universe’s Big Bang, the diversity of evolution is based on the vast ability of these dancing strings to combine, where the string network in biological cells has naturally a much higher potential intelligence than grains of sand.

If one looks far into the future and observes the coming reset of our universe in a few billion years times, then everything that we see will again to be compacted to a tiny dot of energy in a Black Hole. Again, matter will form from life and matter will become energy. What remains of our huge universe are densely packed strings of energy which must wait for their power and information to be released with the next Big Bang.

Creation is therefore the sum of all strings. To imagine past this to a creator behind the creation (God) or a higher meaning goes far beyond our human ability, as we ourselves are only a tiny part of this unimaginably complex system. In other words, whether this magnificent drama takes place in the test tube of one or several creators will remain a secret for ever, because our habitat, our cognitive powers and our experiential world are based on a gigantic illusion of an infinite number of dancing strings and loops. Nevertheless, one needs to recognize rationally even from this enhanced perspective that though creation is a work of genius in its structural approach, in terms of every day life and world events, it is anything but perfect.


Galaxies and Universes disappear constantly into black holes, are compacted and ejected again with a Big Bang as waves of energy, creating new universes over billions of years. As before every big bang, the former diversity created in the dying universe is concentrated into a single dot, there is a flowing transition between energy, matter and life. As resonating force and information quanta, strings combine these three states of creation perfectly. The multiple function of the strings as energy strings as well as bits and bytes of  creation deliver a plausible basis for explaining how our universe was formed and has developed under its own intrinsic power since the Big Bang, developing into what we see today. This naturally affects the evolutionary transition from dead material to the simplest forms of life, which is constantly and ubiquitously present in the middle development stage of a universe.

If one views our universe as a closed system, then its evolutionary diversity of development must already have been present in the highly compacted strings at the zero hour. The process of formation undergone by the matter was the condition and the preliminary stage from which biological life developed over billions of years. The intellectual model of the superstring, laden with energy and information, will demystify our dealings with the emergence and organization of biological life forms in the same way as the neurosciences have revealed a rational view of the structure of the human brain and humans’ cognitive abilities. With the expansion of the superstring theory by an information dimension, the manifestations of energy, matter and life can be explained as a closed system for the first time. Even if these energy laden creationary bits have only been theoretically postulated up to now, an indirect proof could be the observation of the birth of a simple biological cell from matter. We only need to look a bit more closely into the depths of Nature. 

Fred Hoyle: The Intelligent Universe, 1983
Brian Greene: The Elegant Universe, 1999 

This paper was presented during the spring-meeting of the philosophy in physics group at the university of Heidelberg in 2006.

To the Author:  Professor Dr.Ing.habil. Klaus Hofer (1949) studied electrical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, attained his doctorate from the University of Siegen  and habilitated at the University of Bielefeld, all in Germany. After graduation Dr. Hofer began his career as a development engineer at a global player factory in the area of digital-power-control. In 1985 he tooks up the post of professor at Bielefeld in the field of  power electronics and modern electric drives. Professor Hofer has published twelve books, over 60 technical papers and he holds five patents, such as Binary Observers, LineCars and MonoCycs. As a speaker and chairman he has participated in countless international conferences worldwide. Furthermore Dr. Hofer is a senior member and reviewer in the IEEE (USA).

(Translated by BAKER & HARRISON, München)